The most affordable/portable way to practice performing
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    Default The most affordable/portable way to practice performing

    It seems best when considering performing idm/edm is to consider both turntablism and controllerism so I wonder what would be the most affordable and portable way of practicing and what that workflow would look like. I off the top of my head imagine a traktor S2 and a ipad (I've heard you can plug your traktor into that and so you can practice without a laptop).

    Now for controllerism I guess you just map knobs and faders to effects racks or parameters in a synth so you can play sounds while tweaking them? Anything further?

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    ipad with traktor dj and a z1 is perfect for practicing and working out mixes, but you need a wall socket for the z1.still very portable and very practical. also you can use a midi fighter classic with an ipad on battery power. it doesnt perfectly map out to every app, but it does perfectly map to the bilbao drum machine in korg gadget , so you could practice finger drumming ANYWHERE, without having to plug in to power. it also maps chromatically to any synth app.

    imo the only way to effectively practice turntablism is with TTs.
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