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    Hey all!

    I have a quick question on routing USB sound cards and Ableton. I am currently running two decks of Traktor into Ableton via JackRouter. In Ableton, I am selecting the Scarlett 6i6 as my audio output.

    The Scarlett 6i6 is equipped with 4 1\4 output jacks to be used for external routing. I am sending two stero signals to my studio monitors, which leaves two 1/4 inch output jacks free. I want to route the cueing in Ableton to two sets of headphones ( me and my DJ partner).

    However, no audio comes from the outputs when I route the cueing channel to [3/4] in Ableton. I have tried messing around with the output configuration to see if it had to do with switching stereo to mono, with no luck.

    How do I get the other two 1/4 output jacks to route the cueing of Ableton?

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    Are outs 3 and 4 enabled in your output settings in Preferences?
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    check your settings in JackAudio what you can do is created an audio track in ableton labeled headphones... send all your audio to the headphone track and have the headphone track go to outs 3/4. you can do the same with a return track i believe. each DJ can now have his own headphone channel.

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