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    Another two hour journey through all things drum and bass related.. !

    Big thanks to Plush Recordings, Technical Itch Recordings, Brakken, Shivaxi, Intake, Raz, Billie Eilish, K Motionz and Soul Savaz for this weeks awesome free music..

    320 mbps

    I used to - Mutt (Original Mix)
    Won’t let me go Feat. Lenzman and Fox - Tokyo Prose (Original Mix)
    Organ grinder - Submorphics (Calibre Remix)
    Easy on the motion - Mutt, Calculon, Kevin King (Original Mix)
    String theory - Apex (Original Mix)
    By the way - Apex (Original Mix)
    Strings track - Bachelors of Science (Apex Remix)
    Bayview - Submorphics (Original Mix)
    Calibruh - Shivaxi & Intake (Original Mix)
    Ambra - FD (Calibre Remix)
    Just one second - London Elektricity (Apex Remix)
    Savannah - Air. K & Cephei (Original Mix)
    The yearning - Apex (VIP Mix)
    Right and wrong - Mutt, Tedder (Original Mix)
    Nowhere to run - Apex (Original Mix)
    Sharper Scratch - Brakken (Original Mix)
    Let go - Brakken (Original Mix)
    Blue river - Brakken (Original Mix)
    Night falls - Brakken (Original Mix)
    Dead dread - Dred Bass (Raz Bootleg)
    In your name - Feat DJ SS, High Roll - Soul Savaz (Original Mix)
    Ocean eyes - Billie Eilish (K Motionz Remix)
    Groove thing - Random Movement (Original Mix)
    Stealth ops - Current Value, Signal (Original Mix)
    Galaxite - Xanadu, Phentix (Original Mix)
    UK - Dimension (Original Mix)
    Keep it moving - Ulterior Motive (Break Remix)
    Is anybody out there - Bcee, S.P.Y (The Vanguard Project Remix)
    Node - Shivaxi, Intake (Original Mix)

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    Another two hour journey through all types of drum n bass.. !

    Shouts to Altered Perception, Brakken, Conrad Subs, DnBpro, Plush Recordings, Auraya Recordings and Technical Itch Recordings for this weeks free tunage…

    320 mbps

    Void - Altered Perception (Original Mix)
    Clifton rabbit - Altered Perception (Original Mix)
    In my room - Brakken (Original Mix)
    Stay with me - Mechanic (Original Mix)
    Halfway to nowhere - Conrad Subs (Original Mix)
    I struggle - Mechanic (Original Mix)
    Whispers - Macca & Vector (Original Mix)
    Hatred - Conrad Subs (Original Mix)
    Conscious - Altered Perception (Original Mix)
    How i told you - Altered Perception (Original Mix)
    Taste the cloud - Brakken (Original Mix)
    Grey summer - Brakken (Original Mix)
    They came - Brakken (Original Mix)
    Equilibrium - Bad Company (Original Mix)
    Alien girl - Ed Rush, Optical, Fierce (Original Mix)
    Planet dust - Bad Company (Original Mix)
    Nobody escapes us ! - DnBpro (Original Mix)
    Vampires - Camo, Krooked (VIP Mix)
    Stand up Feat. Dynamite MC - Camo, Krooked, Friction (Original Mix)
    4 Days - Bad Company (Original Mix)
    Bullet time - Bad Company (Spor Remix)
    Cryptkeeper - Camo, Krooked (Original Mix)
    Reptile - J Majik, Jonay (Original Mix)
    Roots - Survival (Original Mix)
    Bounce - Nemesis, Camo, Krooked (Original Mix)
    Piano dark - Culture Shock (Original Mix)
    Blow Feat. Wizard - DJ Fresh (Ed Solo Remix)
    Overcome - Decline (Original Mix)

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    The Ikon Drum n Bass Show - Live on dnbradio.com #138

    Another two hour journey through the drum n bass spectrum.. !

    Out to Technical Itch Recordings, Auraya Records, Plush Recordings, Global Brockout, Komito, Conrad Subs and Shivaxi & Intake for this weeks new tunage..

    320 mbps

    Without you - Submorphics (Original Mix)
    Groove thing - Random Movement, Red Eyes, Mutt (Original Mix)
    Second thing Feat. Kevin King - Mutt, Tedder (Original Mix)
    Long been gone - Submorphics (Original Mix)
    Step tune Feat. Adrienne Richards - Random Movement, T.r.a.c (Original Mix)
    Love is not a game Feat. Kathy Brown - J Majik (J Majik Rollers Mix)
    Lost in the lights Feat. Christina Tamayo (Original Mix)
    I don’t understand - Conrad Subs (Original Mix)
    Rat - Brakken (Original Mix)
    Shadow art - Brakken (Original Mix)
    Mind obsession - Brakken (Original Mix)
    Terrorist - Renegade (Komito Alternative Recreation)
    Night - Koyatsu (Amen VIP)
    Losing time - JMC (Original Mix)
    Dread lock ragga - Truant (Original Mix)
    Ad Hominem - Philliez (Original Mix)
    Herbal abuse - Philliez (Original Mix)
    Node - Intake, Shivaxi (Original Mix)
    Emperor - Global Brockout (Original Mix)
    Gaucho - Culprate, Joe Ford (Original Mix)
    Informer - Signal, Phentix (Original Mix)
    Cold steppin’ - Simple Technique (Ulterior Motive Remix)
    Same old blues - Apex (Original Mix)
    Cyborg Feat. BMotion - Cyantific (Original Mix)
    Running - Friction (Original Mix)
    More than i can take - Lenzman (Enei Remix)
    Inversion - Lm1, Kharm (Naibu Remix)
    Galaxy - Airtek (Original Mix)
    Burnin’ - Lm1 (Original Mix)

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    A three hour journey through the drum n bass spectrum !

    90% new tunes with some favourites thrown in..

    320 mbps

    Soft start - Monty (Original Mix)
    Hurt heals Feat. Alibi - Spectrasoul (Original Mix)
    Move on - Spectrasoul (Original Mix)
    How we live - Spectrasoul (Original Mix)
    Burning - Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon (Original Mix)
    Like that - Dub Elements (Original Mix)
    Mission control - Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon (Original Mix)
    Shrine - Komoto (Original Mix)
    Fiction Feat. Solah - Spectrasoul (Original Mix)
    Care for me - Document One (Original Mix)
    Heavy hearts - Philsophy (Original Mix)
    Ships Feat. DRS - Villem, Mcleaod (Original Mix)
    Left behind - Zero Zero & Nympho (Original Mix)
    Sorrow Feat. Blake - Data 3 (Original Mix)
    Rudeboy fashion - Document One (Original Mix)
    We are the people - Break (Original Mix)
    Fire lit sky - Etherwood (Original Mix)
    Funky lady - Walk:r (Original Mix)
    My mind - Cnof, Surreal (Original Mix)
    Tequila sunrise - Pixel, Surreal (Original Mix)
    Crystal - Coolhand Flex & Effekttz (Original Mix)
    Burn - Effekttz (Original Mix)
    Dangerous idea - Voyage (Original Mix)
    Bloodline - Voyage (Original Mix)
    Ember - Camo & Krooked (Original Mix)
    Revolution Feat. Miss Trouble - Insidelfno (Original Mix)
    Grey heavens - Cryogenics (Original Mix)
    Willow grain - Concord Dawn, Need For Mirrors (Original Mix)
    Nobody - Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)
    Epic Ensemble - Marigold (Original Mix)
    Back in time - Stunna (Original Mix)
    Cosmic jam - Paul SG (Amen Mix)
    Sideways in time - Nympho (Original Mix)
    Recollection - Nympho (Original Mix)
    Cocooned - Bungle (Original Mix)
    Uh-huh - Document One (Original Mix)
    Nighthawks - Alix Perez (Original Mix)
    Ric flair strut - Breakage (Original Mix)
    Maclusky - Furney (Original Mix)
    Studio pressure - Marcus Tee (Original Mix)
    Ardent driver - BMT, Audio (Original Mix)
    Kovacs - Ed:it (Original Mix)
    Brighter day - Anothony Granata (Zero T Remix)
    Coma - Voyage (Original Mix)
    Control blade - Voyage (Original Mix)

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    3 Hour show from breakbeat all the way through to neuro drum n bass !!

    Shouts to Ha-Zb, nCamargo, Shitomi, Stunna, Plush Recordings and Secret Lab Recordings for this weeks free tunage.. !

    320 mbps

    Serious - Syrum (Original Mix)
    The nameless - Capcha (Original Mix)
    Drum break 101 - Curious (Original Mix)
    Moon tribe - Earmole (Original Mix)
    Cop killer - KamBelt (Original Mix)
    Vally of the shadows - Origin Unknown (Graviton Remix)
    Don’t give up - K-i & P-Dee (Original Mix)
    Focus - K-i & P-Dee (Original Mix)
    Lost property - Furney (Original Mix)
    Missing you - Changer (Original Mix)
    Scifm - Changer (Original Mix)
    Progression - K-i & P-Dee (Original Mix)
    Apollo - QZB (Original Mix)
    Hardcore harry - S.P.Y (Original Mix)
    Tuff tuna - Bass Brothers (Original Mix)
    Haunted spaces - Document One (Original Mix)
    One with the force - Jungle (Original Mix)
    Stella parallax - Kybel (Original Mix)
    Paradise gardens - Vital Link (Original Mix)
    King Of Tavolara - Stunna (Original Mix)
    Nevermind it - Ed:It (Original Mix)
    Take me up - BAR9, Myro (Original Mix)
    Low blow - Benny L (Original Mix)
    StarScape - Ha-Zb, nCamargo (Original Mix)
    Kaos Emotion - Ha-Zb, nCamargo (Original Mix)
    Glimpse Feat. DBridge - Spectrasoul (Ivy Lab Remix)
    Mind seasons - Pola & Bryson (Original Mix)
    Hyperborean Feat. Data 3 - Pola & Bryson (Original Mix)
    The inevitable - Monrroe (Original Mix)
    Lave - RC10 (Original Mix)
    Hanging on - DC10 (Original Mix)
    Let me inside - Furney (Original Mix)
    Havona Ehlala - Furney (Original Mix)
    Tabernacle - Trex (Original Mix)
    I want you - Alison Wonderland (Envenom Bootleg)
    She knew - Pappa Gee, J-Rize (Explicit Remix)
    Distance - Free Download (Original Mix)
    Intimidation tactics - Chrizpy Chriz (Original Mix)
    Global spectrum - Shitomi (Original Mix)
    Quantico - Shitomi (Original Mix)
    Cyborg Feat. BMotion - Cyantific (Original Mix)
    Running - Friction (Original Mix)
    Clap track - Lynx (Original Mix)
    Mr Majestic - High Contrast, Calibre (Original Mix)
    Arcata - Submorphics (Original Mix)
    Sinnerman - Mutt, Tedder (Original Mix)

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    2 Hour show covering the whole drum and bass spectrum !

    Shouts to Sub Minded Records for the free tunes this week

    320 mbps

    Transformation - Galvatron (Original Mix)
    Body moving - Galvatron (Original Mix)
    Noize Toyz - The Rumbliest (Original Mix)
    Proceed with caution - Galvatron (Original Mix)
    Jah is coming - Duburban Poison (Original Mix)
    Kick it - The Rumblist (Original Mix)
    Been talking - Dublaw (Original Mix)
    Jungle clash - B.O.D.A. (Original Mix)
    Step to this - DJ Narcs (Original Mix)
    Use dem brain - DJ Narcs (Original Mix)
    Draw - DJ Narcs (Original Mix)
    War in the city - DJ L.A.B (DJ Narcs Remix)
    Stay with me - Mechanic (Original Mix)
    I Struggle - Mechanic (Original Mix)
    Shapes - FRQNCS (Original Mix)
    Dusk - FRQNCS (Original Mix)
    Surface - Experimental Chemistry (Original Mix)
    Nothing left - Experimental Chemistry (Original Mix)
    Step ahead - Experimental Chemistry (Original Mix)
    You ain’t well - Upgrade (Dominator Remix)
    Ready or not - Logan D, Dominator (Bootleg Version)
    Seagull - Dub Flavour & Jayruff (Original Mix)
    Drop that - Dub Flavour & Jayruff (Original Mix)
    In hell - Gran Calavera (Original Mix)
    Drift - Nosfer (Original Mix)
    Ali - Klinical & Dub Frequency (Original Mix)
    Satisfy - Nero (Insect DNB Bootleg)
    Critical level - MTWN (Dexta & Mauoq ‘Deebeets’ Remix)
    Resurrection - Simula (Original Mix)
    Samsara Feat. RSun - Sinestetik (Original Mix)
    Asymmetrical - Fanu (Original Mix)

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    2 Hours of new music, all styles of drum n bass..

    320 mbps

    Atomic - Thing (Original Mix)
    Trephine - Dubterra (Original Mix)
    Tubb Funkk - Walk:r (Original Mix)
    All i need Feat. Charli Brix (Original Mix)
    Broken wings Feat. DRS - Calibre (Original Mix)
    Truth - Four Point (Original Mix)
    Horizon - Four Point (Original Mix)
    Can’t take it - LNO (LNO Remix)
    Embrace - Goldroom (Lockjaw Remix)
    Harmonic - Free Track (Original Mix)
    Paint you blue - Master “Loud” (Original Mix)
    Rocking the floor - DJ SS, High Roll (Original Mix)
    All night long - Oder (Original Mix)
    Jungle Jungle - Bladerunner (Original Mix)
    Spectre - Subsonik (Original Mix)
    Starlove - Emery, Dreazz (Original Mix)
    Resolve - Rolfey (Original Mix)
    Dusty haze - ALB & Subdivision (Original Mix)
    Earth & sky - Dub Defense (Drum Force 1 Remix)
    Yours - Ella Henderson (Vision Bootleg)
    Black velvet - DJ Ransome (Original Mix)
    No laughter - DJ Ransome (Original Mix)
    Pandemic - Culture Shock (Original Mix)
    Have it all - Culture Shock (Original Mix)
    Nobody - Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)
    Wears me down VIP Feat. Riya - Villem, Mcleod (Original Mix)

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    2 Hours of techie drum n bass this week, with a lot of free tracks downloaded from Soundcloud..

    320 mbps

    Enter the lair - Tonic (Original Mix)
    Elephant - Seva (Original Mix)
    Asylum - Seva (Original Mix)
    Machines - Tonic (Original Mix)
    Distant motion - N/A (Original Mix)
    Disbelief - N/A (Original Mix)
    Eternity - K-i &P-Dee (Original Mix)
    Vertexes - N/A (Original Mix)
    Your love is a power Feat. DanDansK - Lewis James (Original Mix)
    Surrexit - N/A (Original Mix)
    Weird symbols - Ephyum (Original Mix)
    Behind the mask - Volatile Cycle, Barbarix & Blockdodger (Original Mix)
    Exploration anthem - Zombie Cats vs. Gancher & Ruin (Original Mix)
    Blow my head off - DnBpro (Original Mix)
    Drop the bass! - DnBpro (Original Mix)
    Avenue - Dzheimz (Original Mix)
    Echo loss - Signal (Original Mix)
    In the shadows - Sedo (Original Mix)
    No title - Psidream & Pacific - Insecure Dabs Remix
    Executed VIP - Synergy (Original Mix)
    Sidearm - Wingz (Original Mix)
    Forgive me lord - Victor, Soul Savaz (DJ SS 2017 Moscow Mix)
    Quickness - The Stratta (Original Mix)
    Through the heart - Funkware (Original Mix)
    Get crazy - Bad Syntax (Original Mix)
    The Fall - Alter Ego, Scoop (Original Mix)
    Rearranged - Drifta (Subsonik & Muffler Remix)
    First Sunrise - Advisory, Scenic (Fracture Design Remix)
    Nothing to say - Mage (Original Mix)

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    Two hours of all things drum and bass !

    Shouts to Secret Lab Recordings, Tech Itch Recordings and Shitomi for this weeks free tunage !

    320 kbps

    My own hymn Feat. Zoe Johnston - Above and Beyond (Keeno Remix)
    Everything changes - N/A (Rolfey Remix)
    Cravings - In-Deed (Original Mix)
    Milky way - J.O.E (Original Mix)
    Third Sun - J.O.E (Original Mix)
    Remember me - Spectrasoul (Original Mix)
    Out there - Awaking State (Subsonik Remix)
    Mitch Connor - Pish Posh, Subsonik (Original Mix)
    Staring at infinity - Essence, Subsonik (Original Mix)
    Fleeting - Gusto, M-Zine, Scepticz (Original Mix)
    We play the music - Ed Solo, Skool Of Thought (Erb n Dub Remix)
    Stuck in hell - Invadhertz (Original Mix)
    Let me down Feat. Shannon Swain - Ben Sage (Subsonik Remix)
    Till the morning comes - Shitomi (Original Mix)
    Digital signal processor - Shitomi (Original Mix)
    Soul compressor - Shitomi (Original Mix)
    Pathways - Technical Itch (Original Mix)
    Dying emperor - Terror Cell Layer (Original Mix)
    Program - Noisia & Phace (Man’s Not Hot Edit)
    Thawed - Indidjinous (Original Mix)
    Extortion - DJ E (Original Mix)
    Watch the shadow - Voyage (Original Mix)
    Human future - Ram Trilogy (Original Mix)
    Iron lung - Ram Trilogy (Original Mix)
    The wolves came - Brakken (Original Mix)
    She knew - Pappa Gee, J-Rize (Explicit Remix)

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    2 Hours of deep drum n bass music..

    320 Kbps

    Sleight - Fixate (Original Mix)
    Ember - dBridge (Original Mix)
    Shudder - Indidjinous (Original Mix)
    The grid - Fushara (Original Mix)
    Hypnotise - Henry (Original Mix)
    Insomnia - Henry (Original Mix)
    Grandfather - Komito (Original Mix)
    Walk away Feat. Steo - Zero T (Original Mix)
    Call waiting - Zero T, Mosus (Original Mix)
    Refusal - Zero T (Alix Perez Remix)
    U - Basic Forces (Original Mix)
    First crush Feat. Audio Angel - Sinisterr, Calculon (Original Mix)
    Rubenesque - Sinisterr, Calculon (Original Mix)
    Echoes - Nausika (Original Mix)
    Dominion - Nausika (Original Mix)
    Neverless - Need For Mirrors (Original Mix)
    Too close to see Feat. Steo - Zero T (Original Mix)
    More than you know - Dave Owen (Original Mix)
    Hollow soul - Glen E Ston, Dave Owen (Original Mix)
    Solitude affect - Technical Itch (Original Mix)
    Perreo Intenso - Limewax (Original Mix)
    Broken energy - Centaspike (Original Mix)
    Sketch for my sweetheart - LSB (Original Mix)
    I need love - LSB (Original Mix)
    Silly - DJ Marky (VIP Mix)

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