Hey guys just wanted to share my latest track with yall!

Review via Place for things

" There is one characteristic that I wholeheartedly believe separates a good rapper from an amazing artist: relatability. Being able to not only express your personal emotions and experiences in an innovative fashion, but also to do so in a way that connects with the masses is something very few are capable of doing.

Today TPFT has the honor of delivering a record that represents the other people out there plotting on a come up by Chicago's Savier, entitled "Ghost". Embodying not only the harsh nature of the Windy City's citizens with his aggressive delivery, Savier delivers an onslaught of bars that those that have gone through the struggle feel in every bone of their body.

"Another way, another motherfuckin' option,

Just tryin' to get out this bitch"

Serving as one hell of a statement track, Ghost is an unbelievably hard hitting song that displays Savier's ability to produce equally as well. Ghost is the first single to bless the world so far from his upcoming La Sauveur project, which as of right now is on our "CANT WAIT TO FUCKING DROP" list. "

Artist: Savier
Producer: Self produced
Twitter handle: @_Savier
Title of project this record will appear on: Le Sauveur
Release date of full project: TBA