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    Ok, so I started off with the "Smart Mixing" concept where you can take audio from Traktor and route it into Ableton and do the MIDI sync. Since that article, there have been some preeettttyyy major updates to the softwares, and it has become extremely easy to do this all now.

    So, I created something based on that. First off, the setup I am using:

    MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard installed
    Presonus FireBox
    Traktor Pro 1.2
    SoundFlower (and SoundFlowerBed)
    Logic Pro 7.2

    What I have done is set Traktor up in external mix mode with each decks audio outputs sent through SoundFlower on channels beyond what my sound card can output (so channels 9-16). In Logic I have then created a template with 4 tracks to take the SoundFlower outputs. Logic is now my virtual mixer and the output of each track goes to my sound card (via SoundFlower).

    ---This is the basic part of the setup, just getting it all working has been the fruit of my labours thus far. Withing Logic I have yet to come up with how to cue and map some basic controls to a MIDI controller---

    From here, the tracks are all set with busses. Logic allows for a lot of them. In terms of my setup, I am only using them for effects at the moment.

    On the buss, I have set up an effect (delay) with a set time and written into the buss track four bars of automation for the parameters. Next, I have set the loop play option of Logic for those four bars. What ends up happening is while Logic is in MIDI Follow mode and playing the looped area, the automation repeats and effects the signal when the buss send of the track is turned up.

    I think the application of this could turn out to be something fantastic. Its like having an effect of an effect and have it all in time with the song. Also, running the song through a DAW like this gives access to limiters and compressors and other dynamic specific plug ins. The sad thing about using it in Logic is the limit to only AU plug ins instead of being able to use VST's as well (like in Live)
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