Invisible Landscapes 021 - Parhelion - Mixed by Jester

Lauge - Hibernation (Stretched Edit)
Dhamika - Spiritual Beings
Cosmic Replicant - Return to Gaļa
Chronos - Mystery Of Time
Asura - Oblivion Gravity
Fourth Dimension - Shamanic Beliefs
Solar Fields - Magic Eye (Remix)
Androcell - Neuron Circus
Mr Peculiar feat. Athena Etana - Ancient Tribes
Astropilot - Immersion
Tentura - Presence Of The Sence
Desert Dwellers - Point of Awakening (Androcell Remix)
Mer-A - Quasi-Stellar
ASC - The Derelict Outpost
Astral Waves, Suduaya & Sukhush - Emergence (Album Edit)
Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes - Procession Of Ancestors

Many thanks to the Labels: L & B Productions, Mystic Sound Records, Altar Records, Ultimae Records, Droneform Records, Silent Season, Black Swan Sounds, Sentimony Records, Projekt &

Parhelion are an atmospheric phenomenon appearing in the sky as luminous spots on each side of the Sun and at the same elevation as the Sun.
Usually, the edges closest to the Sun will appear reddish. Other colours are occasionally visible, but more often the outer portions of each spot appear whitish.
Parhelia occur when the Sun or Moon shines through a cloud composed of hexagonal ice crystals falling with their principal axes vertical,
Parhelia most commonly appear during the winter in the middle latitudes.

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