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    Default Scene X Scene: My New (ish) Beat Tape

    Hey Tech-Toolians,

    I hope everybody is doing well, and staying creative. I've just uploaded my latest beat tape onto Soundcloud. The description is as follows;

    My new concept beat tape. A mix of hip-hop/rap instrumentals I've compiled over the past 3-5 years. The overall tone is that of early to mid-90's east coast rap. The concept, which came about pretty organically based on the feel of the tracks is that of an organized crime syndicate operating out of New York (There's a hint as to which part of New York). The album chronicles the rise and fall of the organization as well some of the down sides. By no means is this a polished effort but I figured I'd share it instead of the tunes just collecting "digital dust" on my hard drive. I've also included 4 VERY rough cuts that all have "Beats & Pieces" in the title. I hope you all enjoy.
    Some background on the tape...It was composed entirely in Maschine. There are some samples, mostly drums, but for the most part it's pretty much original works and original composition incorporating samples.

    Have a listen and drop your feedback if you'd like.


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