If you like Drum n Bass, you may like this mix. Did this on 2 1210s and 2 CDJ1000s. Not really a 4 deck mix since I was either using cdjs or turntables. Anyways:

Deinfamous EXBC mix


1.The Invaderz- Burning Book
2.Break- Strictly Entertainment
3.Enei- Woodrunner
4.Spirit- Dial VIP
5.Total Science & S.P.Y.- Gangsta VIP
6.L-Side- Dubmonster VIP
7.TC- Everything for a Reason (Ivy Lab rmx)
8.S.P.Y.- Xenomorph
9.Friction & Icicle- Crucifix
10.Gridlok- Insecticide VIP
11.NC-17 & Legion- Trippin
12.Tim Reaper- Something Unreal (Acid Lab rmx)
13.Dom & Roland- Unoffical Jah
14.DRS feat. Enei- Count to Ten VIP
15.Dj Verb- Gully
16.Mako- Eyes Bloodshot Red
17.Mikal- Where They At
18.Sam Binga feat Redders- Tek Nuh Chat
19.Moresounds- Rahstok
20.Rude Operator feat Born I Music- War Diamond
21.Black Sun Empire & State of Mind- Unconcious VIP
22.Dub Phizix & Strategy- Buffalo Charge
23.Hybris- Garbage Truck (Misanthrop rmx)
24.Siren- Snorkel (S.P.Y. rmx)
25.Dom & Roland- Jungle Beast(Optiv & BTK rmx)
26.Ed Rush- Boxcar
ĽDub Phizix & Skittles- Iím a Creator
27.Optiv & BTK- Let It Hit Em VIP
28.Liminal- Hot4U[/QUOTE]