introduction and a settled matter
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    Default introduction and a settled matter

    Hi all,
    I've been collecting records and DJing for 20 years. In 2007 I bought Ms. Pinky/Torq to go DVS. I had to put my music away when I bought a smaller house in the summer of '11. A few months ago I grabbed a corner of the basement, set up my 1200s, and upgraded to Torq 2.0 (yes I know it's EOL and outdated). I've been enjoying myself spinning all the music I've been collecting in the intervening time. And I like to think that my wife and kids love when the house shakes

    The combination of having some mixer trouble and using a sound card to record the analog DJ mixer-out had me thinking. I was re-evaluating if I should use the DVS application's internal mixer so I could stay completely in the digital domain, increase sound quality, and streamline my set up.

    So I picked up a DJ controller to use primarily as a mixer. In addition I thought it would be fun to try out MP3 manipulation through a combination of the platter wheels, nudge buttons, and auto sync.

    Long story short - in 30 minutes time, I concluded that (for me) modern DJ controllers are completely superior to vinyl for dance mixing. I wasn't sticking with vinyl because I was a purist, rather mixing via (timecode) vinyl worked and I had no reason to try anything else.

    But wow, using a controller as an interface is fabulous. And I was tentative because I spin a lot of disco and boogie where you need to constantly be on top of the mix because the songs' timings are off. No worry - pushing and pulling with the jog wheels is even better and more precise than vinyl.

    It's funny how decades of using a tool can be upended so quickly by a newer tool.

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    Welcome to the digital revolution!

    Don't sell your DVS stuff, because you will talk yourself into switching back to DVS, then back to controller. Its a never ending cycle

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    i love midi DJing too, but im with von royale.. dont sell them techs.

    welcome to the site!
    Traktor/Ableton /Komplete /MBP OSX el capitan

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    Agreed don't sale... I sold all my gear over 11 years ago to finance a move to another country... Was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever done. I have since started buying back old vinyl but have yet to pull the trigger on a set of turntables and likely will and may just have a single turntable to listen on for some time as other things have priority over music these days

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