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    I lost the USB drive all my tracks were on and didn't have it backed up anywhere, except rekordbox, which isn't really a backup because rekordbox is looking for the files on a USB drive that no longer exists. I would like to know if there is anyway I can rebuild my playlists using the information in rekorbox (ie. search the file names of all the songs in a playlist at once and create a new folder for them). Of course i have song names, artists, and all that; I just don't want to have go back through 2000+ songs and manually add each one. Any help is greatly appreciated


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    just export your playlists and import them agian?? i am sure you can export m3u playlist files...

    and also PRO TIP: buy 2 harddrives and back up your music... harddrives are cheap, so if possible back up your stuff twice lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by calgarc View Post
    harddrives are cheap, so if possible back up your stuff twice lol...
    Or three times.
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