punch mode in remix decks on traktor
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    Default punch mode in remix decks on traktor

    hey fellows,

    Who is able to explain in few and simple words what the punch mode is in traktor pro 2?

    I am speaking about the 4th option that is upside in the sample slot window when you set the deck in remix deck (these options are keylock/fx/monitor/punch).

    Even I read the traktor manual in french, it remains difficult to figure out what is behind that kind of use.

    thanks for your help.


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    "Punch mode lets you switch between samples in a Slot while keeping the musical phrasing intact. For example, if the Sample Slot is full of 8-measure drum loops, with Punch engaged, you can switch between samples with the playback position maintained from one loop to the next. So you can “punch in” to a new loop without it having to playback from the beginning."
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    Le punch mode te permet de ne pas repartir à zéro à chaque lancement de sample dans une colonne donnée.

    Un exemple ici à 0:50, d'abord en punch mode, puis sans.
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    Same as Legato Mode in Live.
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