using beaTunes' Color Artwork to show similarity between tracks
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    Default using beaTunes' Color Artwork to show similarity between tracks

    Hey guys!

    After playing around with the Colorised Key-Code Art here, I decided it was time to up it a level more refined.

    The program called will assign a color to your tracks, depending how they relate to eachother / how they sound similar.

    beaTunes explanation from here:
    What is the 'color' good for?
    The song 'color' determined by beaTunes is a measure of how a song sounds in relationship
    to the other songs in your library. I.e. blue songs sound more similar to each other than to red songs.
    Starting with beaTunes 4, colors are computed in a standard way, so that a song's color is always the same no matter which library it is in.

    More background-info on how beaTunes' Color is determined here.

    I've noticed it detects how for ex. a song is built up (long/short intro), when there's some hypnotising element playing thru the whole track, and more, that indeed seem to resemble a similarity when u play a track in the same kinda color.

    Now Keys are easy to read out, thanks to Mixed In Key 7.
    In my findings, their latest version 7.0.200 actually does a pretty good job, in defining/assigning cuepoints, aswell.

    Ok cool...
    Now u have your whole collection organised by Key & Genre for example.
    And u have like 10 tracks that are in the same genre + same key.
    Which one to play to make smooth transition/make the magic happen?

    And there u go:
    Use the color defined by beaTunes!

    How cool is to see similarity in rhythm, built-up etc. just by a color?

    I talked with the creator of beaTunes and he made this special plug-in, that'll embed the Color Artwork of beaTunes into your track-collection.

    Now u can see this Color Artwork showing in Traktor,Serato,VirtualDJ,Explorer,etc.

    See pic attachment

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    Well this is interesting...

    I'll check this out when I get home later today.
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    Covert art > color code for me. Still think a color code is a good idea.
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