Music quality vs structure
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    Default Music quality vs structure

    Hello guys!

    How you think, which of these two factors decides music's perfection (plays more important role in music)??:

    1) Good music quality (Good effects, Good equalizing and so on...) + simple melody


    2) Good melody + simple music quality (no effects, no equalizing and so on...)

    P.S. I know you would say the best one would be both (Quality/Melody) to be good but i'm not interested in that kind of situation now . I just want to know which factor is more important for you guys!

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    Which is better: the studio mastered version, or the live version?

    What's the difference between rock&roll and jazz? Rock&roll is 3 chords, played to 10,000 people. Jazz is 10,000 chords, played to 3 people. Which is better?

    There is room for both. Simple is MUCH harder than people imagine to get right, both in melody and in arrangement.
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    Simple done properly is amazing
    Complex done properly is amazing

    There is no right or wrong answer - however if a track sounds really ropey e.g. tacky effects, clipping channels, bad sound I would personally not even bother listening probably.

    I don't think you can differentiate between simple music "quality" from a simple melody, you need a great melody AND great mixing to make a track good or bad.

    Lets put it this way, Dark Side of the Moon would have sounded crap had it not been the attention to detail in the kickass melodies AND the mixdown AND mastering.

    Now if you get that killer melody or vocal right, and you get your percussion reasonably together, and your levels somewhat ok, and you feel its "almost" ready to release, you "could" pay for a few hours sitting in a studio with a Ghost Producer who will make the polish up the mix on your behalf and if he's good will make suggestions and changes to you can improve on things like effects / drums etc

    What's the difference between rock&roll and jazz? Rock&roll is 3 chords, played to 10,000 people. Jazz is 10,000 chords.
    Brilliant ! Sums it all up about complex vs simple melodies

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