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    I installed Traktor 2.7.3 on my recently bought second hand Acer V3-571. Initially the software opened and there seemed to be no problems.

    Two weeks later, I've gone to open the application again and receive the following error message.

    'Traktor 2.7.3 has had a major crash and terminated.' Tried troubleshooting the application with Microsoft and it's now telling me that the application is incompatible. I have no idea why there now seems to be a problem.

    I emailed NativeInstruments and they haven't got back to me.

    Can anyone advise on what the problem may now be?

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    Not sure what this may be, have you tried reinstalling?
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    Reinstalled it and exactly the same error message comes up.

    The only thing I did to my laptop between the original install and when it crashed was defrag the hard drive and delete a few programs that weren't needed.

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    Have you refreshed your computer since it was purchased I'd do that then install TP2. Just curous do you have a regular hardrive or a SSD.
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    Okay, the next problem I've found is that Traktor will only play through my laptop. When I connect my speakers to my laptop they play, but when I connect them directly to Traktor they won't.

    I'm using Realtek High Audio soundcard in preferences as it's the only one that it allows me to select. If I select Traktor Kontrol S2 Asio, it tells me that no audio is connected.

    Is it not working because I'm using my laptops soundcard? Does the Traktor hardware have its own soundcard? I don't really understand using an external Asio soundcard.

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