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    Default A Journey In Trance

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    A mix of progressive trance starting off slow and building into a techier then uplifting sound. Some Classics in the mix for nostalgia
    Project Blue Sun - Dance Into The Night (Dreamwalker remix)
    Reece Weston - Brayford
    Mason - Exceeder (Corderoy Remix)
    Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Eternal Flame (Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s Reach Out For The Stars Mix)
    Yamakasi - In My Mind (Original Mix)
    The Digital Blonde - Six Strings Singing
    Limited Growth - No Fate (Quadran Remix)
    Talla 2XLC & RAM featuring Kim Kiona - Until the End
    Farid - Afloat
    Ehren Stowers feat. Julie Harrington - Never Forget (Original Mix)
    Lemon & Einar K feat. Paul Johannessen - Everlasting (Dub Mix)
    James Kitcher - Winter's Sun (Original Mix)
    Luca de Maas - Nano District (Original Mix)
    Roger Shah & Signum - Healesville Sanctuary (Roger Shah Mix)
    Markii - New Life (Original Mix)
    Pavel Yudin - Spirit Planet (Original Mix)
    Jordan Suckley & Paul Webster - HELP (Original Mix)
    Interstate - Remember Me (Terry Bones Remix)

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    Should I Add a download link?

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    Giving it a listen now mate. cheers
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    Sounds good to me enjoy! I've yet to listen to it except when was mixing it

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