Trakor 2.8 Timecode issue..
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    Default Trakor 2.8 Timecode issue..

    Ran into this problem last night at the club, had tested 2.8 for 7 hours using vinyl timecode worked a charm, however at the club there was only cdj's which is where i found the issue with cd time codes.Got home this morning and did another test..
    Ok did a thorough test on this today using Traktor 2.8, tried it with the old mk1 and the new mkii cd's, when in absolute mode everything works as it should, the minute you are in relative mode the issue comes up, tried this using the audio 8 and also using the Pioneer DJM 900 as a sound card, problem was present in both,when switching back to Traktor 2.6.8 the issue goes away and everything works as it should. Would appreciate it if anyone else who uses timecode cd could see if this is a general issue that can be reproduced on there system. thanks all... i will add that with timecode vinyl traktor 2.8 came out with flying coulors, but sadly i do not take my turntables to every gig, so unless the venue has turntables then its time code cd.s that have to be used.

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    Anyone else on here been able to reproduce this using 2.8 ?

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