A selection of tracks from the series. Expect some beautiful ambient soundscapes, mellow grooves and dub influenced vibes throughout.

Lemonchill - Dragonfly (Zero Cult Remix)
Circular - Lunokhod
Astropilot - Inverted Worlds (Jan Amit Remix)
Fourth Dimension - Hypocrisy
Cosmic Replicant - Quantum Leap
Globular - Timeless Vibration
Astropilot - Paraselene
Chronos - Endless Rotation
Asura - Altered State
Tara Putra - Extrasolar Dub
Cosmic Replicant - Distant Stars Photons
ASC - Satellite's Final Voyage
Unusual Cosmic Process - Cosmic Blue (Phase I)
Androcell - Sacred Encounter
Sundial Aeon - Drifting Radio Frequencies (E-Mantra Remix)
Globular - Infinity Inside

Many thanks to the Labels: Bass Star Records, Ultimae Records, Altar Records, Cosmicleaf Records, Maia Brasil Records,
Sentimony Records, Suntrip Records, Ovnimooon Records, Silent Season, Uxmal Records, Mystic Sound Records & Ektoplazm.com

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