I used DJ pro for the first time at a gig last week and I have to say I was pretty darn impressed.
My wife had just received a free 3 month membership to Spotify so I thought the what the hell Iím gonna take this concept for a spin.

I have a 4hr residency on a Friday where the first 2 hours is really eclectic so Djing using Spotify was going to be an interesting journey for me and the audience.

The setup with the CDJ 2000NXS was a breeze. As you plug in each unit, you are promoted with on screen menus about whether or not you wish to use the CDJ as a sound card, Far easier than in Traktor. no faffing around with aggregating sound cards. it just does it for you.
The only downside is that the DJ pro HID only works with CDJ2000NXS. but thankfully that is what this venue has.
The next step was connecting to the Venueís WIFI , and boom youíre rolling!
I decided that i was going to only play 80ís funk and hip hop. i typed that in top the Spotify search box and straight away hundreds of tunes appeared!
It was like having a magic record bag!
When you load a tune it can take a few seconds to buffer, but once itís in there it plays and mixes as if it were coming directly from you own playlists.
Another great feature is the matching function witch gives you a list of tracks in a similar key, and i found this really useful for keeping things sonically relevant.

The downside to all this of course is that you wonít know a lot of the tracks you are playing,and I did find myself getting a little bogged down with choice, I wouldnít recommend doing a whole set like this.
After an hour or so I had to revert back to my tried and tested playlists once the vibe started picking up.

But as a way to discover new music and add a bit of variety to your sets I canít recommend it enough!

Plus the software is simple and great to use!
Iím back on Traktor for now, but if they donít get it together soon, I reckon DJ pro is a real contender for the week in week out Djís alike myself!