Expanding to different genres or tempos.
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    Default Expanding to different genres or tempos.

    Hello fellow Dj's, my name is Adrian and I am a DJ for our local bar in a small community! I play twice a week, 10-2 on Saturdays and Thursdays. Mostly I play Future house with a sprinkle of Jackin' house, and some Melbourne bounce. A very large majority of what I play is remixes of popular songs such as;

    Go Deep (Tchami Remix)

    Anaconda (Asino Remix)

    One day (Donkie Punch & Lorenzo)

    These are just an example of the styles i currently play with. I always mix at 125 bpm as a lot of the Future house (Which is generally half of my songs in a set... generally.) But i find myself in a bit of a tempo trap when someone comes up and requests a rap song or country, I simply tell them I don't have it on my laptop but I will do my best to get whatever song they wanted for next week.

    I have no effing idea how to transition from a 125bpm house track down to a 103 country or 95 Hip-hop track...
    Everytime I play around with it, it always sounds just terrible. I've only been Djing for about 8 months so any help I can get is greatly appreciated!

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    I don't do this sort of thing very often, but I want to start doing it. Beatmatching and long blends are satisfying and fun, but I believe mixing across tempo expands the creative palate tremendously.

    The first 3 tracks in this mix by Pangaea aren't blended. He seems to use delay and reverb to fade out one track and bring in the next. The third track is preceded by a short spacey ambient section. This is something I'd really like to employ in my sets. I think it effectively bridges the stylistic gap between the 'human' dancehall/reggae stuff, and the sparse electronic beats.

    The opening mixes in this Ben UFO set seem to work in much the same way.

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    Echo and reverb are your friends

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    Echo freeze my friend. Judging by what you're playing and the requests you're getting then you don't have to be all too subtle with long blends etc.

    A few remixes/sample heavy edits of a few well known rap tunes in the style you mix, echo freeze out at the breakdown, drop original tune=Profit.

    Also what you could do is add a bit of filter to a cue point in the rap song you want to play (a few snippets of a vocal and ensure they're in key!)
    -add a bit of echo to give it some tail and space.
    - cue mash over a loop of a fairly clean section of the track you're playing out (Keep in time to the beat!)
    -Add some flanger/reverb to make a build.
    -Freeze out old track, drop Cue into main breakdown of the rap tune you want.

    Just a couple of ways.
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