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    Hi All, I'm having an issue with the output volume of my recorded mix and was really hoping someone on here might have a solution. I was asked to record a set that might get me a start up gig in a local club. I finished the mix last night but the volume recorded from traktor is too low. Not outrageously low but just far lower than it should be.

    I had the traktor record gain up full etc. I then put the mix through audacity normalize and while it did improve it a bit, its still far lower in volume than say normal mp3 tracks. When listening to the mix on an mp3 player/phone you would need the volume up to the max and its still not loud enough at all unfortunately.

    Time is against me to submit the mix, and I really nailed it (by my standards) so re-recording isn't really an option for me. I know audacity has an amplify feature but then I'd be getting into distortion territory. So I'm just wondering does anyone know any way of increasing the Volume of a recorded dj mix?

    Is there even any sound companies that I could send it to (for some fee ) that would somehow remaster the mix and higher its volume? I would really appreciate if anyone here could help me out.

    Many thanks in advance. Would really appreciate any help.

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