Live band - trigger "next" Ableton Live sample clip
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    Default Live band - trigger "next" Ableton Live sample clip

    This is the most basic thing, but I have not been able to find the answer anywhere...

    My drummer uses an old Roland 626 drum machine for his click source. He loves it because he quickly sets the BPM and starts it with his footswitch and easily keeps the band in sync.

    Recently we decided that instead of hiring an additional band member, Ie a sample Player, we would just use Ableton Live... Okay, fair enough. So we hooked MIDI out of his drum machine into MIDI in of the audio interface of the Ableton laptop and viola, start and stop works perfectly!

    So now we have crafted 10 samples, all loaded into Ableton clips, all ready to fire at will... AND here's where the rub comes in.

    The drummer can't keep reaching over to a computer, after punching in the BPM he can only press the start and stop the footswitch. Our assumption was 1) Ableton would let us fire a sample from the footswitch, 2) it would play the sample thru, 3) stop, and 4) reposition to the next clip and wait... at which point the drummer would stop the drum machine click in his ear (while still playing for four beats) then press the footswitch again to start the click again, which would also fire the NEXT clip in Ableton. AND this would go on until all the clips in Ableton had been played, and the song was over. Keep in mind the clips are not played sequentially, and thus should not fire automatically. They need to wait for manual triggering from the drummer.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand we might need some fancy Launch Modes, or Follow actions, or even some empty dummy clips etc. But doesn't it seem like telling Ableton to "move to the next clip and wait to be started" should be really easy to do?

    I am desperately looking for help on this, any input would be hugely appreciated.

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    Behringer midi foot pedal.. check this out

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