Hi guys, i had a bit of a problem last night at a gig. My timecode CD on my left cdj kept skipping, it was really weird. It would skip at the start of the song for a abit then just kind of stop and then just rewind back. Not good when this happens at a gig! Now im using CDJ'S, Traktor with Traktor a6 soundcard. Initially i thought it was my CD's being scratched or something, but i did try 2 different ones? Then i thought it could be the CDJ (which im still not sure of) and then i thought it was the bass, because it was pretty loud! But its never happend before?

I also noticed that after playback finished playing, it would go straight in to play the second timecode signal, im not sure what it called playlist or something, but it totally mucked it up. Usually if playback had stopped playing i would have to press play to get it to work again, not just go straight into the second track on the timecode cd WTF?

It wouldnt be my inputs on the Soundcard are busted woould it?