Hi everybody,

I am currently thinking about attending this years EDMbiz in Las Vegas next month.


At the moment I am working as a composer/producer for a TV/radio station, but I am trying to get into electronic music, because the more I explore the music, the more I like it and admire it (composition, production, business attitude).
So my plan would be to try to network as much as possible over the course of this conference, attend the panels and learn about the industry and current trends.

The only thing that keeps me from buying my ticket at the moment are the associated costs. With flights (from Germany), hotel for 5 - 6 nights, admission and food it will be a monetary investment for me. I recently graduated, so my funds are somewhat limited

What do you guys think?
Has anybody here attended EDMbiz in the past? If so, did you think it was worth it?
Are there plenty opportunities to network?
And would you recommend staying in the same hotel where the conference takes place?

Thanks so much for your input!