Add Kontrol X1 to my current CDJ/DJM 350 setup
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    Default Add Kontrol X1 to my current CDJ/DJM 350 setup

    Hey Community,

    My current setup: Macbook Pro, 2x CDJ 350, 1 DJM 350.
    To increase my possibilities with effects, i want to add my NI Kontrol X1 to my current Setup. I searched lot of Forums and didn't get it running yet. The main Problem is, that my MBP has two USBs, which i used to connect my CDJs, so there is no space for the Kontrol x1. I also tried a USB Hub, without success. Any advice, how to connect this Setup properly? Do i have to use a Audio Soundcard? How should i connectthis setup correct?

    Thank you for your help in advance!
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    if it didnt work through a usb hub i would imagine you are not getting enough power to the x1, a powered usb hub should do the trick but you would need to find the power rating of the x1 and any other gear you have going through the hub. I recently read a write up by DJ Tech Tools that probably covers all you need to know

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    Did you try connecting the CDJ's to the hub, and giving the X1 a USB slot of it's own on the MBP? Since the CDJ's are powered, you won't need a powered hub to try that out...
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    What DJ software are you using?
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    I think the X1 needs its drivers updated.
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