Roland TB-3 - How would i set it up?
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    Default Roland TB-3 - How would i set it up?

    I would like to get the new Roland TB-3, and I've seen one which I could be picking up next week but, I'm curious, will it fit straight into my studio as is, or will I need additional cables/devices to integrate it into my home studio...

    I have an iMac and MBP running Logic Pro and ableton, MIDI Keyboard, Maschine, Lexicon Alpha soundcard w/ 1/4" Line In and Outs. Mic input, and phono Line out, KRK monitors, and that's about it.

    I no longer have my Xone 92 mixer (i stupidly sold it when needed money) so i do no longer really have a mixer...

    How can i hook the TB-3 up and start playing with it? Can it connect to my soundcard? So i can jsut use it in Logic, or standalone into my speakers? I would like to record from it into Logic of course..

    I'm just thinking will i need to get another bigger soundcard with different types of I'O's?

    Cheers guys

    EDIT: Okay, I've seen that the TB-3 comes with a USB I/O, so I can just plug that into my mac or USB Hub, and do it that way it seems
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    there is also a M4L device that lets you control the TB-3, so you can automate filters and such.
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