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    My Itunes music Folder sorts by, Albumb title > Artist > Track

    Is there a way of changing this so that when Im working from my folder I just have the tracks listed rather than having to open each seperate sub folder??

    Also i noticed that Ean on his last demo for Music managment that he had the "organise, or neat function" for his itunes folder options under prefrences? Is this related to my question above?

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    I would say manage your music manually and don't let iTunes do it. That or a hybrid of manual organization and a program like Music File Organizer. It isn't free but it was worth it since there isn't anything better or even similar for free that will sort music files (and it does every type of file).

    I personally don't like a single program managing my large music collection, especially iTunes. A good trick I found for sorting music is putting it all on an ipod if you have one big enough, then using an ipod uploading program to reupload it all which generally give you lots of sorting options.

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    ^^ Yeah, I sort all my music myself and then edit tags and all through software. Got it as Artist -> Album instead, makes a LOT more sense. It takes a bit but doing it yourself will make everything easier.
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