I set up my "best" light show the other day and on paper it seemed good but in the venue it kinda sucked. It was missing something.

My top light show includes
8 moving head wash lights (105w LED) (4 on each side)
2 Chauvet Spot 350 on Glowing Stands (Powered by 70w LED Pars)
2 Chauvet Color Rails behind Glowing Front Board
8 70 Watt LED Pars as a backdrop behind me
All synced and DMX controlled to work together.

My basic light show is just a Chauvet 4 Bar and a Chauvet 4 Play CL.

I've expiremented with bringing the Moonflowers or the elminator electroswarm and combining it with the spot 350s and the moving head wash lights but what I find is that with the powerful LED wash lights and pars the cheap chauvet moonflower and eliminator swarm lights get washed out and look kind of hokey, plus they don't sync up with the light show very well. You know how cheap sound active lights are, no matter how well you set the sound adjustment they either strobe like crazy through the slow songs or don't move at all half the time.

While the big setup is nice, I think it's missing some of the fun aspect that a moonflower, mushroom or derby light could bring. The little colorful dots are nice, but most of the stuff that does that isn't bright enough to put with a show like my big setup. I need one or two big centerpiece lights to include but I don't know what. I need something that will play nice with DMX programming. I know a lot of effect lights claim to be DMX programmable but there is usually some strange work around.

I'm not too concerned about the money. If I'm looking at over 500 per light I just might go with some more gobo spots though.

Do you guys have any suggestions for a killer programmable big effect light to top off my show. I'm thinking something I can keep off until the energy really picks up and then just switch the program and blow everybody away.

To help, here is a list of other effects I currently own:

I have that weird Red and Green Laser with the blue water light. I think it's the chauvet eclipse
I have a chauvet scorpion (The pink one that shoots red and green laser pattern)
I have two eliminator electro-swarms
I have one chauvet 4 Play CL
I have two chauvet 4 play black
I have 2 chauvet 4 bar flex
I have a fazer

Thanks in advance. DJ Tech tools never ceases to amaze me with how helpful it's members are.