vci 100 jog wheels NOT behaving
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    Default vci 100 jog wheels NOT behaving


    Dunno whats going on here.

    My mappings and set up have been stable for yrs but all of a sudden my jog wheels don't behave properly and i can't understand why.

    looks like the midi input is fine as i can see the fwd and bkw bend light triggering in traktor.

    but i can't rewind and fwd through a track as I've always been able to. i mix house and pop so its really just for cueing. usually the track doesn't get effected, just the light on the bend fwd or back comes up. and then for no apparent reason it starts rewinding properly. but then it stops and I'm rotting the wheels with no affect.

    please help.....

    thanks so much


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    Sounds like you have mapped the "Tempo Bend" command... Try with the "Jog Turn" in Encoder/relative mode. That one should work.

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