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I'd go with a Kontrol S4 plus one or two Kontrol F1 if you are interested in Remix and Stem deck controls. The S8's main focus is the display and that ramps up the cost quite a bit. The setup I suggested will give you even better control over Traktor and you'd still be saving $100. While it lacks touch strips you'll have a physical pitch fader and the jogs are quite more comfortable for manual beat matching if you fancy doing it. If you want to keep it simple start with a Kontrol S2 and then add a set of F1 for better stem and remix/stem controls.
Thanks a lot! I thought about the s4, too. Is it possible to get the same funktionality with s4 and f1 or other hardware like the s8? If possible I would like to avoide the touch strips. they may be cool and new but not praktikal for blind people.

It sounds that with the s4 I could do most of my stuff well. Since everyone now wants the s8 I could get a great deal on the s4.