The middle part of my USB came out on my Traktor s4 mk2, it was not in warranty so I took it apart and took it to an electrical guru friend who replaced the port, just taking the broken one off and soldiering the new one in. The one part that I think might have gone wrong is when I was taking it apart, there are a set of very fine red wires that run from the bottom board to the board the the USB port was on. I had to disconnect this cord in order to free up the board to take in to get the new port put on, while pulling this out half of the plastic bent and started to pull out, I worked on it and finally freed up the other half of the plug so the full plug unplugged. After he soldered the usb perfectly, I put it back together and plugged it in, now the power was active but it was blinking signifying it was not connected, I went through setup multiple times and it kept saying could not find sound card. I brought my friends unit that is identical to mine plugged it in and it worked fine. While putting it back together I made sure the set of pins (not the red wire plug) but the set of pins on the board plugged firmly back into the unit so I don't think one is bent, that went in well, the only thing I could think of is that the plastic plug on little set of red wires somehow bent and now it is not making a good connection. Any ideas???? Thanks for any suggestions.