Recording Mic and Mixing With Audacity?
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    Default Recording Mic and Mixing With Audacity?

    Hi guys, im looking to start recording podcasts. Quick little question, i have a DDJ SR with a microphone, as we know serato dj when recording with a controller doesnt pic up mic signals. So what i have done is connected a phono cable to the master out of my controller into the 3.5mm input on my laptop (the one next to the headphone input)

    Now all is good audacity picks up my mixing AND my mic recording, but i cant hear anything! I usually connect a phono from the master out on my controller to 3.5mm into my hifi amplifer. But i cant do that because i have the same cable running from the controller into my laptop to record!!

    SO how would i add a extra wire so i can hear what im doing through my speakers???

    I see on the back of the controller there is a 1/4 inch master out, would that work though? One of the master phono out to audacity for recording and the 1/4 inch master out the my hifi amp??

    Sorry for the rant, please help!

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    I don't know the audio routing for the SR but suspect the mic input is not sent to the software.

    In which case you might be best connecting the mic to a different input e.g. the one on the laptop or another interface. You could then record the mix with Serato, the mic with Audacity and then use Audacity to mix the two together after the recording is finished.

    Alternatively you could connect one set of outputs on the back to a recording device (could be input on the laptop) and the other to speakers. Set the switch on the back to booth and then control the level of the RCAs with the booth level on the back and the TRS output with the master volume knob. The TRS outputs are balanced (again not familiar wit the unit but this is what I expect) so you would need to have the right cable to connect these to your hifi amp / laptop / recorder e.g. balanced TRS pair to unbalanced RCA pair. Unless the amp has balanced inputs in which case use tho.

    Hope that helps. Please feedback with how you get on.
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