Opinions? New app to turn song request and shout-outs into $tip for DJs,w/ your help!
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    Default Opinions? New app to turn song request and shout-outs into $tip for DJs,w/ your help!

    The concept is simple, people put in their song request and shout-out requests via their phones at a club / bar / lounge, with an optional $tip amount. DJ receives notification with song title, $tip amount, shout-out content, and decides if he/she want to play / announce them. If he/she decides to play it, then he/she gets to collect the tip.

    One of our co-founders used to DJ back in college, and we wanted to build this app to empower DJs to better communicate with the audience, and of course, make some more money.

    What do you guys (our core users) think of the concept? What should we watch out for? Any functionality in particular you would like to see in this app?

    We have been working on this app for a bit over half a year now, and have had a few trial parties, and used the feedback to improve our app. We are now featured on #projecthustle by Vitamin Water, and might even get funded by them soon.

    Also, if you happen to drink vitamin water, please help fund us using the code under the black cap at www.projecthustle.com/project/4 .

    If you are interested in the closed beta as a DJ, our website is www.playitnowapp.com , be sure to sign up there or just PM me with your email address and basic info.

    Thanks in advance, your opinion is much appreciated!

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    No android support I'm out.
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    Default Android support is a must from Day 1

    The promo video was shot when our Android app development hasn't been completed yet, hence the confusion that Android won't be supported. We are launching with both platforms (sorry, no Windows phone support as of yet). It's to my understanding Android users are more creative, eh?

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    My first reaction to reading this was

    Then I visited the webpage and watched the video that was thrust on me via autostart and now my reaction is

    This will be great for a certain kind of party but why not market it to a broader segment of parties and clubs, including those where DJs don't give "shout-outs" (and may not have mics at all), and usually don't take requests. Let the crowd thumbs-up and tip the DJs independently of any song or shout-out or trade in kind. Maybe even offer some kind of interaction with the DJ (like a "thanks for the good vibes" text message after the DJ goes home or whatever, integration with shazam or get more info about a track etc.) Even with all that, the point is usually to have fun, dance, etc., so texting the DJ or micromanaging their music selection seems a distraction.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure this will make money (esp with Vitaminwater sponsorship) and there are a lot of clubs that specialize in this sort of thing (DJs who talk shit over the music or who play a lot of pop), but I can't see wanting to DJ in that club myself. Shoot broader with this thing and find a way to market it to underground DJs, smaller clubs, etc.
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    Personally, I'm not a fan of this concept.

    Basically, you're being bribed to play a request. If one person tips you more than another, of course you're going to play that song, irrespective of your own opinions on the song or the overall vibe of the night.
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    Default Thanks for the awesome feedback!

    @djproben , 1. I'm taking out the auto-play from our website tonight once I get home
    2. We also wanted to push out a "lite" version of the app where no payment will be involved, everything is free, think that might work?
    3. Good point on the fact that some DJs may not have access to mics, will try to allow a configuration where DJ decides if he wants to take shout-outs or not.
    4. The few DJs we spoke to mostly liked the idea that there's some money behind it, since they don't make much money usually. The power is in the hands of the DJs ultimately, they are free to turn down requests however they see fit. The last we want to see is DJs turning into human jukeboxes, but I can totally see a small portion of money-hungry DJs going overboard with the tip.

    @DeanOakley , again, DJs have the power and they should be the gate keeper for the music choices anyway. The app is meant to serve as a tool to empower DJs, not deprive them of their decision rights. But guess we need to make sure people get that idea.

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    i like the general idea apart from tips. i wouldnt personally take requests but some kind of feedback from people would be interesting... obviously usually looking at people reactions in front of u is the best way but i do quite like this idea too...
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    I like this idea too!
    But won't the DJ be spending a lot of time looking at his phone and then looking trough his records for the requested song?
    It will also be possible for the DJ to play a set full of requested songs, that kinda defeats the purpose of being a DJ now does it...

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    It is a good idea, but will only work in some circles...mostly a mobile DJ market. I'd create a version for that without the tip portion because mobile DJs are mostly getting paid.

    I wouldn't see myself using it though. The phone is a distraction to me and I wouldn't want to spend my set sifting through messages for songs. On top of what other posters stated...I'm not doing my job correctly if I have to get a playlist from the patrons.

    Focus on the open format mobile people who do personal and corporate parties and you may find a good niche. (Corporate parties would be where the tip function comes in)

    Best of luck!

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    The idea is might be good, but I personally donīt like the concept of being a jukebox for a drunk audience which is playing with their smart phones.

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