Hi All,

Still having issues with my set up to Broadcast my mixes live on a radio station here in Dallas. So far no one at Apple, Serato and NiceCast can't give any good help on this. Only when I try to broadcast, NiceCast doesn't pick up the sound from the mixer. If I choose the application (Serato) doesn't work either. If I choose the Default audio system on NiceCast it doesnt work either. The only sound the NiceCast picks up is if I dont have my MacBook pro connected to the mixer and it does pick up the sound from the applications like Serato DJ or iTunes.

My set up is
2 PLX1000 Pioneer tables
DJM 850
Serato DJ with DVS expansion
Also tried on Traktor using DVS and The Traktor Z2. same story it doesn't work with NiceCast. I also tried to use Twitch and Ustream to do a live mix and the sound doesn't work either. I get the high pitched Hum noise from the TimeCode vinyls on either DJ softwares. PLEASE. need Help!