More Instruments to one midi track in Ableton Live.
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    Default More Instruments to one midi track in Ableton Live.

    I want to have a few instruments for lets say chords, and I want to change between these different progressions and instruments for them. It was easy in FL Studio as you were triggering patters, where you could have anything. But in ableton? I thought of midi routing, but that would play the two different instruments at once. Also exporting everything as wav and importing it in one audio track, but then I couldnt control some parameters of vsts. So is it somehow possible?

    Edit: Lets say I want to have "Groups", like chords, leads, claps - and have a variety of "patterns" for them (different midi playing different instruments). How is it done in ableton?
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    Loads of ways of doing this.

    Key ranges, Nested Racks, Chain Selector...

    You're gonna have to read the manual.
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