How to mix tracks with long intro
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    Default How to mix tracks with long intro

    How do I mix songs that have a very long intro?

    I'm kinda new to mixing but I was trying to mix two songs (no Sync/Phase Meter) and couldn't do it.

    The songs are:

    Funkagenda - One Day At a Time

    Pryda - The End

    Is it possible to do so, or are those songs that should be played at the beginning of a set only?

    Even when I tried using the sync button they sounded very weird.

    Where can I find information about it, I tried googling mixing songs with long intro but nothing interesting came up.

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    Mix from the first obvious beat mate. Just practise & see what happens
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    I just tried mixing both tracks from the beginning and they work fine. What setup do you have? If manually beat matching you are going to have to find the one before hand or know listen really well to the tracks because the long intros like that dont have a kick for you to count so finding the one could prove problematic.
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