Hi guys,
first post here, I'm very sad because tomorrow I have a gig and my Kontrol s4 this evening stopped to work properly.
It all began with a strange Traktor opening, where all my playlist were corrupted and my s4 wasn't recognized anymore.
I thought it was a Traktor problem, I recovered the old config files and restored it but no trace of the S4.
I then uninstalled and reinstalled many times Traktor, drivers, controller manager and anything else but nothing, the s4 connected to the AC lights up when I press the On/Off button and then it continues to pulse just the usb orange light and anything else but it's not recognized by the mac.
I tried to redo many time the wizard, to restore the controller from Traktor (but he cannot see it), tried to go in the MIDI mapping but he didn't found a port where the S4 was connected, tried to connect it to 2 different Win pc and nothing.
Have you got any idea?
Incredible how things goes wrong at the right moment.