Controllers not working with Traktor 2.9
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    Default Controllers not working with Traktor 2.9

    I've been having some issues since I've upgraded to 2.9 + stems with Traktor not recognizing my Djm 900 nexus, X1, F1 and the S4. I've uninstalling and reinstalled the software and previous versions on my macbook pro (Running Yosemite 10.10.4) and still the same thing and nothing is woking at this point. Anybody having the same issues???

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    Basic list of things I do whenever whatever fails on a mac:

    A - Reset nvram
    Why: reset all known (external) hardware components.
    Unplug everything from your mac but the keyboard (if you use an external keyboard, is has to be connected via usb cable)
    While booting, hold all four keys Ctrl-Alt-R-P simultanously. When you hear the startup chime, keep holding them until the computer reboots. Then, still keep holding them until you heard the startup chime three times.

    B - Repair disk(s)
    Why: this is a basic cleanup activity. You don't need to do it regularly, but supports tells you to do it first when encountering problems.
    1 - While booting, hold the alt/option key. You should see at least two start up disks, select the recovery disk.
    2 - After selecting the language, choose disk utility.
    3 - Select the "Macintosh HD" on the left side
    4 - click on "repair disk"
    5 - click on "fix permissions"
    6 - reboot

    C - Bootup in safe mode
    Why: this cleans up user-based settings
    1- While booting, hold the shift key
    2 - Logon as usual (it should say "Safe boot" in the menu bar)
    3 - Restart

    If you uninstall the software, make sure to remove all your user settings from:
    * ~/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments
    * ~/Library/Preferences/com.native-instruments.* and traktor*
    * ~/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor 2.9.0

    I myself did not see issues with Traktor 2.9.0 and my S8 -- desipte this infamous "I don't send ye sounde for a second or three" which happens once or twice on some nights.... (see the carl cox video for an example).

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