HI all..

Thought i would share my recent discovery for getting a tighter sync between tracks.

This probably only will apply to you if you have been running Traktor for sometime, upgrading versions as they came out etc, and you library contains tracks that have been analysed by multiple different versions of Traktor.

I'd noticed more and more that sync between tracks was less and less accurate/tight, and that i would be compensating with very minor offsetting beats etc while mixing. My library dates back to 2007, so that 8 years of adding tunes, with lord knows how many versions.

After some googling and thought, i suspected that NI make minor adjustments to the downbeat detection algorithms, resulting in slightly different timing between versions. After years/and many versions this becomes more evident.

WARNING - make sure you back up you data before doing this. Don't blame me if you mess up

By deleting the entire STRIPES and TRANSIENTS folders, and forcing Traktor to re-analyse the entire library, all songs will have the same downbeat algo applied, and i found during initial checking and then in my weekends gigs ( approx 8 hours in 2 clubs), that the sync issues i had are gone, mixes are tighter etc.

Note -1 : In library view Traktor will show that stripes/transients and their values are still present, but without the data in the directories re-analysis is required.

Note -2 : I run OSX10.10.4 but suspect the same will apply to windows users.

Anyway.. perhaps this will help others with similar setups/issues.

echo: Backup before doing this in case you have issues.