Hey people,

So I just got myself a Mixtrack Pro 3 to use as a practice controller/house parties along side my Launchpad S and I seem to be having some problems with scratching and MIDI latency. By no means am I good at scratching but what happens is when I move the platter (not pitch bending, that works fine), it tries to timestretch the audio instead of giving the scratching sound you'd expect.

There is also a fair amount of delay between moving the jog and it having an effect. Buttons are fine, as well as latency on my Launchpad as well.

I've tried using the controller in Serato Intro as well as Mixvibes Cross and the latency is virtually non-existent. Is there any way I can fix this?

Also, I've had a look already but is there any way of mapping a 14 bit MIDI control to Traktor? It appears that the pitch faders send 14 bit values as well as the jog wheels. Is that possible in Traktor?