Need tips on doing a live recording.
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    Default Need tips on doing a live recording.

    Thinking about doing a live recording while a dj performs. Have the rec out from the djm900 to a recorder, but how could i possible add the crowd noise to it?

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    just setup a microphone to the djm900 and point it at the crowd

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    I have one of these:

    You can run the rec out from the mixer to the recorder and use the internal mics to record the ambient from the room. The BEST part is that you can keep those two tracks separate while you are recording them! Then you can mix in the the right amount of crowd noise later.

    You will want to get the recorder on a little tripod and then leave it alone during the full show. The internal mics will pickup every little touch or movement of the recorder. The internal mics are also really sensitive to wind noise, so be warned if this is an outdoor gig.
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