Maschine MK2 Set Up.
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    Default Maschine MK2 Set Up.

    Hi Tech Heads.
    Ive just added a Machine mk2 to my set up. Just a quick question, can I use my Traktor S8 as the audio interface using Midi Cable. It seems obvious, but I haven't got a midi cable yet. Can I just connect them and use the S8 mixer and route sound to the speakers?

    Thanks in advance pop pickers

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    A MIDI connection will only pass MIDI data, not audio. You'll have to consider a different approach to get audio through the S8 and/or Traktor. For example, if you don't need your booth output for monitors, you might be able to route Maschine to booth out, and input to an open mixer channel. You could also route Maschine out of your internal soundcard, or a separate sound card, into an open channel. Another option would be to route Maschine internally, to a 'live input' deck, through a separate software application.

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    I run audio for Maschine out of my MacBook audio jack into one of the spare channels on my mixer. I'm using a Xone:62, though.
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    Cheers guys.
    I will experiment with syncing Maschine & Traktor in the near future, but initially just want to rout audio through the S8 to my Rokits. Don't want to spend on an external sound card, hence utilising the S8. I can try both the booth out and running through one of the channels options. Just haven't had the chance to buy some cables yet. Incidentally in the You Tube clip there doesn't seem to be any Midi cables, so wondering how all that is linked up.

    Anyway, thanks again.

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    Happydan, the S8 also runs as a stand alone mixer, so that should work also.


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