Hello everybody!!

I wanted to share with u my tsi 4decks for Traktor Pro.
This is a very basic midi mappings with LED light to help u out memorized the functions on the controller.

I was trying to make as simple as possible, but fell free and change it if u preferred.

I provided the picture with everything explained but if u have any questions just post them here.

REMEMBER TO PRES THE MASTER BUTTON ON YOUR AKAI (TRACK SELECTION) by defaults when u will switch on your controlller , the track sellection is set to 1 so remember to set it as MASTER or some of the mappings will not work

The sync button blinks green if u will use bend buttons to signal that is off sync. Pressed again the light will gone

The play button blinks green when track loaded into deck and blinks red when the track is nearly finish ( in my settings there is 1 min warning)

If u will turn the CUE LEVEL knob to browse the list up or down it will automatically change layout to 4d Browse to give u more space in searching for the tracks

There are buttons to load selected track in the decks and when pressed the layout will go back to 4d perform

There is only one modifier - SHIFT

SHIFT + CUE LEVEL KNOB = master clock change

SHIFT + NUDGE -/+ = fx unit2 change effect

Ok so basically this is it i hope someone will find it usefully.

Have fun )