Brand New to DJ'ing/Scratching, Please Help! Buying Advice
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    Default Brand New to DJ'ing/Scratching, Please Help! Buying Advice

    Hey folks, I hope I'm posting to the right section. I'm in need of some guidance.

    I've previously just been a producer, using Maschine MK1, which I still have and use now. However, now I'm planning on upgrading to Maschine Studio and I would like to dive into the world of DJ'ing/mixing/scratching. I've always been in awe of DJ's and it's about time I learn the ropes. Now please note, I have definitely put in my due diligence in trying to research all my available options, but I'm still at square one and I'm lost.

    My main original goal in mind was just to have a setup where I can "scratch" on top of whatever tracks I'm making in Maschine Studio. Now, after looking into all the different Traktor types, I am interested in having a more versatile setup where I can really get creative, take the beats I make in Maschine and put a more live, artistic touch to my mixes using Traktor to complete the production of the track.

    I'm having a very hard time figuring out the difference between all the hardware (S4, Z1, Z2, X1, F1, etc..) and what is right for me. The thing is, it's hard for me to even say what my needs are or what I'm going for since I've never been a DJ. I watch videos on the hardware and, in my mind, each one of them seems to have some essential functions. I definitely like how on some controllers, you can have samples/one shots cued up on pads and whatnot. I want to be able to get crazy and give that more creative touch like I said, so that would be a good thing.

    My next problem, I also want to get a real turntable to learn the feel & basics of scratching on that. However, I really don't even understand the mechanics of scratching vinyl into a digital environment like Traktor. The only scratching I've ever done was on my mom's old record player, and I just loved the sound of it but that's all I know. I know it's a dumb question, but in all the videos I see of people with a turntable hooked up to Scratch Pro, what is actually ON the record that's spinning? I mean...let's say I want all my samples and loops and whatnot to come from digital MP3's that I already have or Maschine, and I'm really not interested in buying vinyl records to actually sample from or spin. I just want the turntable there to scratch with and learn the feel of it on a real turntable. Is that feasible? Does that make sense? I only want the turntable there to scratch with. Doesn't matter what's on the vinyl.

    I know this is a long read but if you've made to the end, please give any advice you have. Should I even worry about a turntable? Should I just go for an S4 and scratch with that? If I get that, will I need to buy Scratch Pro with it? I'm so lost..please help! I want to order this stuff..hahah.

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    In what software have you been producing? If Ableton you can just scratch in Ableton with Ms Pinky. To me it sounds like you need something like an APC. You can trigger samples with it, use it to build beats, mix etc. The big question is do you want to use a DAW or DJ software like Traktor/Serato/Decadance/VirtualDJ
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