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    Default Beat Fighter - Rhythm Roulette Versus Mode Live on

    This Sunday at 8:30 EST I will be hosting the first of what I hope is many Beat Fighter competitions at!

    Read below to check out what Beat Fighter's all about, and I hope I see some of you guys Sunday! Definitely hit the sign up link if you're interested. This is a great way to build a new audience and showcase your talent, especially if you've considered getting into streaming. This will pretty much give you an instant follower base.

    What is Beat Fighter?

    Inspired by Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette series on Youtube and the great beat makers on Reddit's r/makinghiphop, Beat Fighter brings four producers/beat makers together in a head-to-head battle to produce a beat from samples provided by the viewers streamed live and direct!

    Competition Format

    • 3 viewers will be randomly chosen to submit a sample for use in the competition.
    • Samples must be musical in nature, however all samples will be vetted by the Beat Fighter moderator for suitability.
    • Samples must be from a streamed source. No, we will not open any files you send us.
    • Competitors have 3 hours to produce 32 bars incorporating one or more of the user-submitted samples.
    • Competitors MUST produce their submission live during the competition period through their stream.
    • Beats must be uploaded to the competitor's Soundcloud BEFORE the time limit is up.
    • Beats will be available for listening at the Beat Fighter Soundcloud
    • Viewers will have 48 hours to submit their vote for a winner. Link to voting site will be made available immediately upon completion of the time limit.
    • The winner will be announced via this channel once the voting period is over.
    • The winner from the previous competition will move on to the next round to maintain his top spot against three new contestants every week!


    Glad you asked! Right now Beat Fighter is in Beta Test mode. We are working out the kinks in the format while we prepare for Beat Fighter Season 1! Sign ups are open and going strong. If you're interested in participating it's as easy as clicking this link and filling out this form.

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    This is an AWESOME idea. I would for sure love to watch this!!!
    For all my VCI-100 lovers view my step by step guide to moding your very own VCI-100 Arcade edition

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    Hey man the turn out was great and the event was a huge success! The next Beat Fighter will take place a week from Sunday on 27 September at 8:30 pm EST.

    You can check out the competitors beats at Sandurz beat ended up winning and he will be back for the next round. Follow the channel on twitch at or @beat_fighter on Twitter for the latest news and updates in the events. If you're interested in being a competitor you can find a link to sign up in the OP. Hope to see you there, it was seriously a blast!

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    This is so dope! I don't think I have the skills to battle but I definitely wanna check this out!

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    I don't get it. Those beats were not created from the same 3 samples.
    Edit: oh I see now. You can use 1 or more.
    It would be nice to hear the original samples so we can get an ideas of what the remixer was thinking.
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