Legality of record pools?
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    Default Legality of record pools?

    Hey guys, so i was talking to a guy who manages the music and entertainment at a bar in northern Canada, and he had mentioned that some of the record pools (namely BPMsupreme, the one i use) are not covered under a SOCAN license (any establishment in Canada playing music is required to have one of these). But he couldn't elaborate on the reason.

    My question is this. Is he full of shit? Are all the bigger record pools good to go, or is there something shady going on in the background i'm not aware of?

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    I'm no expert but are you sure he wasn't referring to a CONNECT license?

    If I'm correct then you pool your referring to isn't listed as an approved music default provider and so you would need to purchase a CONNECT license to play any downloaded content:

    As I understand it the SOCAN license is granted based on variables like location, audience size, type of venue etc or I think you can pay a flat fee for the year but I'm fairl sure but it covers you to play out any and all content regardless of whether you bought the CD or downloaded it.
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