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    Default Build ups and drops on Traktor

    Hey guys, I'm working on a Kontrol S2 MK2 and am wondering if you could point me to some good tutorials on doing nice, smooth build ups and drops on Traktor. So far ai've only found tutorials for specific mappings or midi controllers. Is that the only way to do it? What are the secrets for live build ups and drops?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Do you mean how to mix smoothly between drops/build-ups/etc. on existing tracks, or creating them on the fly (remix decks, FX banks, etc.)? If it's the first, simple phrasing will help a lot. Knowing how many bars a track's build-up is allows you to take two tracks of identical-length build-up and then drop-swap them by bringing in the build-up of the new track during the build-up of the existing track, thus making them drop at the same time.

    As far as creating build-ups on your own using Traktor, I will often use a 32-bar white noise build-up sample from one of the NI remix packs, cut the bass on the track, use Flanger Flux and Beatmasher to create a steady rise and to progressively chop the track up, then kill all FX, bring the bass back in, and hit a pre-set cue point on the drop. A 4-bar loop cut down to a stutter can also work in place of the Beatmasher. Know that this takes some practice though, as you have heavily modified the track at this point and it is easy to forget to turn an effect off/bring the bass back in which can kill the vibe quite easily. Setting an FX bank to do the Beatmasher and Flanger Flux on one knob may be advantageous.

    Hope this helped
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    Hi Sunshine!!
    Sorry for not being clear but yeah, I meant the second scenario. How to do them "on the fly". This past saturday I had my first gig an opened to a bunch of more experienced djs. I kept my set "safe" doing basic transitions and FX since it was my first time, but hung out to study the following DJs. Without wanting to get in the way I realized they were able to create build ups on the spot. But couldn't figure out if they would use remix decks, FX, loops or whatnot.
    So your tip is greatly welcomed and I will try it out tonight after work. Any o those tips, fx combos and techniques are greatly welcomed!

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    Thank you Nicky. Will study those videos. I'm thinking an extra midi controller would be useful for the extra free buttons. I was considering an F1 since I could control remix decks, stems OR remap it to control FX. Do you think it is a good idea or would you recomend somethink like the midi fighter instead?

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    Both the midifighter twister & the F1 would be fine, both can control everything you want.

    Just a matter of personal preference.
    And you can download lots of maps for both devices here:
    SC | MC

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    F1 is fantastic for build-ups and drops (Risers and Droppers).

    Have a bank/page of samples, and you'll have access to volume, a filter, and FX units right from the F1.

    It's a lot of fun.
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