Need help setting up!
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    Default Need help setting up!

    hey guys,
    I am very new to djing and after playing around on the computer I thought it was time to buy a controller (numark mixtrack pro)

    I am using traktor software and I cant set it up correcty

    as my laptop speakers have blown I am currently trying to use my laptop sound as out loud but I cant set my headphones up so I can hear the cue song can anyone help me ?

    so In simple for I want music to come from my laptop but I want to hear the cueing songs from my headphone, can anyone give me some help on this?

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    Your best bet would be to find a set of external speakers (even some cheap Logitechs or something), as this way is not recommended. That said, if you are gung-ho about using it this way, you will need to set your Master Output to the laptop soundcard. If you have a headphone port on the Mixtrack, plug your headphones into it and set the Cue output in your software to the Mixtrack. If you don't have a headphone jack, it likely means your particular model does not come with a built-in soundcard, which you will need if you want to be able to cue songs up in your headphones. Last I checked, there was the Mixtrack and the Mixtrack Pro, with the Pro model having the built-in soundcard. This may have changed with the MK2 model, so take that FWIW. Hope this helps.
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