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    I'm using Serato. I put all my music and info on a flash drive. I also back it up on 3 other drives. So say I edit a few tags, How can i update my backup drives with the new tag information, how do I update the new tag information. Is there a specific file where all my tag information is stored? Also I wanted to ask, when I update a tag, is that tag information update the tag just within Serato or is it updated in the mp3 itself? I also wanted to ask you guys....I'm still trying to learn to dj. I'm trying to swallow everything with dj'ing and I hear a lot about track selection...when I'm trying to decide on the next track, what should i look for? Then from what I'm understanding there are a few different ways to dj. There is the drop in technique when you just drop in the next track instantly, then there is the actual mixing where you beatmatch and drop the bass in the outro track and mix in the next track, also when do you guys use effects? Do you use them while mixing? and when I'm mixing should I avoid breakdowns? and just mix before the breakdown? I know this is a lot of questions on mixing. I'm just trying to understand this detailed information and a whole. So please take the time and help me understand all of this and thank you in advance.

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    The Tag information is stored with (actually IN) the music file. So, unfortunately, the only way to update the Tags in your backed up versions of the music file is to copy and replace the old file with the one with the new tags.

    Unless anyone knows of a better way? And if there isn't, there should be!!!
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