Something wrong with my X-fader
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    Default Something wrong with my X-fader

    I don't know whats wrong with my X-Fader. I've been messing around with my MIDI setup, then for some reason my X-Fader started acting like a Volume fader. Whenever I move it to the right, no sound comes out, but when i move it to the left i can hear both decks playing. I tried figuring out, but no luck, I even used the default traktor tks files, and same result occured. Anyone have clues, how to fix this?

    Oh yeah have a VCI-100

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    make sure your decks are assigned correctly. There's a display function that does this, where you assign A to left, B to right, etc. etc.
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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    also when i use the arrow keys on the keyboard to test the crossfader, it doe the same thing, when i move it all the way to the right, no sound, when all the way to the left, both decks can be heard.

    where is this display function you speak of?

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    At the top of most layouts there is the Decks square (it shows 4 squares saying A-D and each square has 2 arrows). Make sure that the highlighted squares on deck a and c point left and b,d point right. Maybe that will help. meh
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    Thank you PROBLEM SOLVED.

    I never recognized those arrows until you mentioned them.

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    I had a similar problem when I first starting playing with traktor. The arrows can come in handy if you use them just right (with the punch button).
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    I'm gonna try that Foreverhex. Maybe thats is my issue too.


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