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    Default Xone 4D ->Packing,Flying,Performing...

    i would really like to know are there any heroes out there who are frequently flying and djing with Xone 4D in their handbag(because i cannot believe someone would submit his 4D as luggage on plane).

    right now i am travelling with a laptop 15",bcr2000,N.I.AudioKontrol1,cables and headphones all in a flight case.total weight 13kg,while i am travelling my arms getting well exercised every time

    for sure i'd like to use the 4D with my setup instead of my bcr2000,but the whole package will be even heavier,plus i've been in many clubs where the dj booth can not handle such a big mixer as the 4D.

    just wondering and would like to listen from people who are using it.

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    Either put it in a lockable flight case and check it or put it in a carry on bag. It's lighter than many mixers and not that huge. If you have room for a VCI you can fit a 4D in the booth, that or move a turntable or CDJ out of the way, it's very rare it won't fit, you can always use a keyboard stand or even a bar stool for it if there is really no room.

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